Stop in the name of…!

5 Jun

I just came down the street when I recognized this scene:

A stop streetlight lying in front of a door in a street in Munich.

A stop streetlight in a street in Munich.
I have absolutely no idea, what it’s doing there, but my friend Paula told me to make up a story if you have none. So I tell you, this is what might have happened:

Someone had a really great day yesterday because he is just done with all exams and was out to a party – no matter that it was a Monday. So he (okay, or she) drank and drank and drank all night till he got pretty high and wasted, but not too wasted to fall in love with this wonderful, red streetlight. So he just had to steal it. This afternoon he just woke up, wonderend what the hell this thing is doing in his bedroom and becoming slightly aware that it wasn’t quite legal… so he just got up, brought it as far as he could manage, which was to his front door… (Remember, he has a bad hangover!)


Once, a while ago, was a young couple really bad in love. They kissed for the first time on a shitty street side somewhere in Munich, which was absolutely no romantic place. But years later, when he proposed to her, he made a really romantic gift and stole the stop sign, they were kissing under in those days. But, alas, this love wasn’t meant to have a happy end. She got a pretty peculiar feeling with her husband-to-be stealing streetlights, so she broke up after some thinking time brings the sign back. He isn’t there (either in jail or on work, I guess), so she just leaves her message at the front door…

Or maybe it just fell down somewhere in the street and people just put it there to have it off the street.

So, what’s you story?


2 Responses to “Stop in the name of…!”

  1. cat on valerian 15. June 2012 at 19:09 #

    Nice stories…I like the second one. “They kissed for the first time on a shitty street side” 😀 Great! Thats life like it should be. But you orgot something in your story 😀 Next time mention Rebecca Black in your text.

    By the way…give the first picture more contrast, then it will be more colorfull.

    • lilientiger 16. June 2012 at 08:12 #

      Yeah, you’re right. I think, I actually lowered the contrast to make it a little “older”. But I guess it wasn’t enough to have that effect 😉

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