Green is the city

15 Jun

I just took part in my first photo competion – wohoo!

The task was to send in a photo of “your greenest place in the city” (it’s a competition of the nature protection club I am member of). I wanted to send in two pictures but unfortunately just one was possible. I hope I took the right one?

So this is what I’ve sent in:

My photo for a competition of the greenest place in the city.

It’s the Bavariapark in Munich that I like a lot. It’s very tiny but a lot of people are usually there, playing badminton, football with the kids are just hang around. You see, it’s very green.

The other picture I liked, but couldn’t send in was this:

I wanted to catch the sun reflects and the people and tried different functions. I like the funny look of it and the people in the front, playing with the child and the yellow blanket that shines through the dark colours. But it’s not that green and so it’s maybe not the right pic for the competition. Still, it’s nice, I think.

All pictures will be shown on Facebook in July. You have to vote for me, I want to win a Photoshop package! 😉


One Response to “Green is the city”

  1. cat on valerian 15. June 2012 at 18:54 #

    Congratulations my dear for your first participation in a photo contest. Your photo really fits to the theme quite well. Even the sky is green. 😉

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