Ship shame – Stockholm #1

24 Jun

Some of you, my dear readers, might know that I’ve been living in Sweden for a couple of months some years ago. However it took me six years to talk my boyfriend into making holiday in the north. Now, finally, we spent a week in Sweden’s beautiful capital Stockholm!

Scandinavia welcomed us on our first day with heavy rain, so we decided to hide in a museum. I’ve heard a lot about the Vasa Museet, so that was our first sightseeing spot.
Vasa is a Swedish dynasty but also a famous ship. Vasa should become the glory of the Swedish fleet in the 17th century. Instead it became the biggest shame, even more shamefull than the Titanic: It sank in 1628 on it’s maiden trip … after about 20 minutes.
But the ship found indeed late glory. It was recovered after more than 300 years. Just imagine to dig a giant ship out of the mudd! And now it has its own museum and is very impressive.

Miniature of the Vasa ship in Stockholm.

Vasa miniature with people in Vasa museet Stockholm.

Vasa ship in it's museum in Stockholm

Guns on the Vasa ship in the Vasa museum in Stockholm

We were lucky and it stopped raining during our visit at Vasa museet – even the sun came out on the afternoon. We walked around Gamla Stan (the old city of Stockholm), passed the castle, watched a change of guards …

… found rabbits …

Lamp in rabbit shape in a window in Stockholm

… ducks …

A duck in Stockholm Gamla Stan

… and another picture for my distribution box series!

A distribution box in Stockhom Gamla Stan

Next on the robot: Södermalm.


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