Royal cheese – Stockholm #3

26 Jun

Thus it’s almost 100 years ago that Germany got rid of it’s last monarch, many (female) Germans see royalty more like a fairy tale than in any political way (if there is any). We think it’s funny and somehow romantic. Although I don’t care much about modern kings and queens in general, I still somehow like the Swedish. I mean their stories are really romantic, aren’t they?
Let’s just take ol’ king Carl Gustav who met his Silvia at the Olympic Games here in Munich in 1972 (yes, just a few meters from my old flat!). But they had to wait till Carl Gustav’s father died because they were not allowed to marry before he became king, because she was not royal.
34 years later their first child Victoria married her fitness trainer. If that’s not a fairy tale then I don’t know!
By the way, did you know that Victoria’s and Daniel’s baby daugther is the first Swedish heiress on the throne in that dynasty? Since the Swedish made the French war minister Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte to their king in 1818, no Swedish king married a Swedish woman.

So far about history. On our third day in Sweden we visited Drottningholm Placace (“the palace of the queen”). That’s the place where king and queen actually live. It’s an interesting place for me as an historian, but quite boring to take photos. But it finally gave me a reason to try out this kind of “sparkling function” my camera has, that creates hearts on water. It looks really cheesy, but is just perfect to make silly tourist pictures of a royal palace, eh?

A cheesy picture of a fountain at Drottningholm in Sweden

Swans at Drottningholm Palace in Sweden

Never forget to make pictures of the swans as a good tourist!!!

If you want to visit the probably most amazing café in the entire world, you have to go to Sturekatten. It’s an old house from the 18th century. You walk up a narrow old staircase and enter a really nostalgic world on two floors. The whole café extends over two former flats (at least I guess that they have been seperated flats in the past) and you find old tables, paintings and decoration in every room. It’s just as you walk through an apartement from the 1940s,  just that the owner has a quite bizarre taste in furniture, placing chairs and tables in every room… Make sure you don’t miss it!

The most amazing café ever: Sturekatten in Stockholm.

Visit Sturekatten here: Riddargatan 4, 114 35 Stockholm


2 Responses to “Royal cheese – Stockholm #3”

  1. Li 27. June 2012 at 23:06 #

    Maybe little Estelle will be the first to marry a Swedish woman…
    And next time in Stockholm I’m most def going to Sturekatten! Looks nice!

    • lilientiger 28. June 2012 at 06:51 #

      That would be cool! What do you think? Might they adopt a Chinese child and your next dynstay is Chinese?
      Do that! It’s great!

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