Little frogs – Stockholm #6

29 Jun

My very first (adult) Swedish experience was like that: After I’ve already spent about at least six hours all alone in my car (and that was only the second half of my lonesom journey) I entered South Sweden by ferry, still some hundred kilometers to go to my new home for the coming months. It was raining, it was getting dark, I was awfully tired and the signs on the road told me to be aware of elks. You can imagine that it was in some kind horrible. But it was also that impressive that I fell in love with this country in minutes: More or less alone on that tiny highway (compared to German highways every highway is tiny I guess…), driving though forests and just once in a while you see a house or two or three and that’s a town. So, people ask, why the hell I spent my summer holiday in Sweden. Well, yeah, nature, but why don’t you go to Allgäu (South Germany, the part where the Alpes are)? Because it’s something completely different! Scandinavia is just something so special, you can’t find in Germany.

So it was no question that we would leave Stockholm for the countryside. And, what a great coincidence, it happend to be Midsommar! Our choice fell to a small island called Grinda (Björkö is at the inside of Sweden in the Mälaren lake, Grinda is in the ocean). But first, we had to spent another two hours on the ferry.

A girl looking out of a window on the fairy from Stockholm to Grinda

Grinda is a very pretty island in an archipelago with lots of forests and some bathing places. So you can sit down, relax and enjoy the sunshine (okay, the summer breeze was indeed a little cool, but, yes, Sweden can be warm and sunny). As I told you before, I don’t like taking landscape pictures. But here are some I want to show you. It’s just so damn beautiful.

Sunshine on the little island Grinda in Sweden

Sunshine on the island Grinda in Sweden on Midsommar day

Sunshine and ocean on the island Grinda in Sweden

But our walks around the island were of course not the highlight of the day. It was Midsommarafton, the big celebration day.
We don’t have anything in Germany that you can really compare to what happens here. The Swedish raise a Majstång, comparable to our maypole. And then they dance around this pole, singing classic folk songs and it’s quite odd. The most famous song is about little frogs!
If there is a celebration like that in Germany, it’s maybe May 1, but I don’t know anyone from the city going to the countryside for that. In fact, if people celebrate it, it’s more about sitting around and having a beer (Germans are always having a beer!). No one who consideres himself at least a bit cool would ever jump like a frog around the maypole. But, when I watch the Swedish, I think that we Germans definetely do something wrong. This celebration looks like a lot of fun! As far as I see everyone takes part and I really like that. I wish Germans wouldn’t be that narrow-minded!
Dear Swedish readers, please explain, what it’s all about!

Midsommarafton on the island Grinda in Sweden

If you want to learn more about the little frogs, it looks like that:

I’ve teached my boyfriend to sing it and he threatend me to do so till Christmans. So everybody: Små grodorna, små grodorna är lustiga att se…


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