Miniature – Stockholm #7

30 Jun

It’s Saturday, it was Saturday: our last hours in Stockholm.
It was raining, we were tired and had only time till early afternoon. So what to do?
We decided for Nordiska Museet – I thought that old Viking exponents are displayed there. Big fault! Instead I meant the Historical Museum (makes sense, hm?). The Nordiska Museet is in fact pretty boring. It’s a museum to show Swedish culture. I’m not sure if that’s true. I liked the part about August Strindberg (culture – check) and about fashion (hm, Swedish culutre?!). Examples of Swedish living rooms from different times (culture – check). There were also lots of old toys, that I liked (Swedish culture?! They were not even Swedish …). See pictures below.

French army toys in the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm

Swedish Santa Claus Tomten in Nordiska Museet Stockholm

Miniature Sami in Stockholm Nordiska Museet

Reindeer toys in Stockholm Nordiska Museet

Tin soldier toys in Stockholm Nordiska Museet

Apart from that: A lot of handcrafts (yawn!) and examples of Swedish celebrations like Midsommar but without real explanations (at least I didn’t find any), not even in Swedish. And it was impossible to find the staircase to the third floor. Not worth it’s 90 kronor entrance!

So that was it. Hope you enjoyed my little Stockholm series. Feel free to leave comments!


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