First steps in collage art

18 Jul

It was a little quiet here in the last week but that doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy!

We had been visited by our old friend Eric who is a great photographer. Although the weather in Munich was a little moody in the past days, we had some time to make pictures yesterday.

Some background info why I did what I did: I followed the trend and started pinning lately. Luckily it really gave me some inspiration. I found the blog of The Red Balloon, who makes some really nice collages of her daughters. I’d like to do something with the colours like she does, but for the beginning I started with making some collages, too.

How do you like my first tries?

I did a collage of some graffiti you can found in an underground way in Munich. See it on colin. the happy robotCollage of some street art I found on the old hydro station in Munich. See my pictures on colin. the happy robot

If you want to see more, come and watch my collection on Flickr! (There is indeed some more, but I’ve some more ideas I want to share with you later on!)


One Response to “First steps in collage art”

  1. Li 19. July 2012 at 15:29 #

    Great idea! Think I will try it too 🙂

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