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13 Aug

A pretty while ago I started a photo project. I made up five topics and everyone had to shoot a picture to each. However, we never managed to find a date to present our work. Since I like at least some of my outcome, I’m showing it to you know, dear reader.
Do you have a photo task for me? Please tell me! I’m looking for new challanges!

The main topic of my work was “album titles”.

1. A Creature I Don’t Know (Laura Marling)

A creature I don't know after Laura Marling, shot in Vasa museet Stockholm

2. Waiter: “You Vultures!” (Portugal. The man)

(translation: Special Antaloian barbecue take-away (more or less…))

Waiter you vulutres, a picture taken after Portugal the man

3. Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues (Strung Out)

Suburban teenage wasteland blues: A photo project

4. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (Social Distortion)

Somewhere between heaven and hell: a photo project, taken in Sweden

5. Bordsteinkantengeschichten (Muff Potter)

(Engl: Sidewalk Stories)

Bordsteinkantengeschichten: A Photo project after Muff Potter

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