I hope you know what you did to me.

27 Sep

I had to get up pretty early on Saturday morning, on 3.30 at night, to get to my plain. Good thing was that I arrived around noon in Norway. When I came to Stavanger, my hostel room wasn’t ready, yet. So I walked and walked and walked around. I soon felt like a walking corpes and took a rest.
I got up again in the late afternoon and while everybody else seemed to start his party night, I walked and walked and walked again and took some pretty nice pictures in the beginning dark.

Please enjoy part 2 of my little Stavanger series.

Photo of the Fountain in Stavanger centre at night.

Photo of an oily ship in Stavanger Norway in sunset

Photo of Stavanger theatre in Norway, advertising for play Oh my God

No this is not a church. This is Stavanger theatre.

Coming next: Street art in Stavanger.

PS: Do the pictures look very dark on your screens? Seems as my screen at home is a little brighter, hm…

Photos© Colin. the happy robot


4 Responses to “I hope you know what you did to me.”

  1. Roswitha Mecke 27. September 2012 at 20:48 #

    The pictures look good on my screen!

  2. cat on valerian 28. September 2012 at 21:27 #

    They are not too dark. Here you have a picture to calibrate your screen: http://www.photoindustrie-verband.de/_files/ftp/texte/dqtool/DQ-Tool_Monitor.jpg

    I most like the second.

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