Ground to their toes.

12 Oct

After our quite stressy vacation in Sweden in June this year, we decided to take another time off, this time in the south. It took us very very long till we decided where to go (until one week before we wanted to start) so we finally ended in the Algarve in Portugal (it was my first time in Portugal).

The Algarve has a very nice cliff line, beautiful little beaches and a strong Atlantic surge. But it seems also to be the paradise for German pensioners, so it’s quite touristic. I had problems to feel as a visitor in the towns, because it seemed as every second person I’ve met was German. That was a little irritating. On the other hand were the Portuguese extremly kind.

To make a long story short: The Algarve is not a sightseeing place, it’s a place where you can walk along the cliffs or hang out on the beach. So I haven’t much to tell you.

But of course I took some nice pictures. So please enjoy another travel series. Part 1: structure.

Photo of a castle in Silves, Algarve, Portugal.

A roof in a castle in Silves, Algarve, Portugal

Photos© Colin. the happy robot


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