Oh, that sunshine is shining in, shining.

15 Oct

Want to know little bit about flora and fauna of Portugal? Please, don’t ask me, I’ve no idea! We saw some crabs (quite interesting little creatures) and saw a lot of dry land (would  like to send a little German rain down there).

But at least I can show you some plants.

Something grown over of plants near Luz, Algarve, Portugal.

Some plants in Portugal Algarve

Some plants on a fort in Sagres, Portugal, Algarve

My task for you till tomorrow: Which band do I quote in my Portugal articles?

Photos© Colin. the happy robot


2 Responses to “Oh, that sunshine is shining in, shining.”

  1. cat on valerian 16. October 2012 at 06:44 #

    Das 2. Bild ist großartig. Gelungener Bildaufbau, traumerische Farben und eine leicht wehmütige Stimmung. 🙂

    • colin. the happy robot 16. October 2012 at 07:45 #

      Danke 🙂 Und ich verbeuge mich vor der Natur für ihre Schönheit!

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