I don’t know what the palace knows.

16 Oct

Today’s theme: Houses.

In Sagres I saw this little ruin (there are a lot of ruins in the Algarve, that made me little sad). It’s a real beauty, I think. What do you say?

Street art on a house in Sagres, Algarve, Portugal

Photo of a ruin in Sagres, Portugal with street art on it.

The city I liked most in the Algarve was Monchique in the mountains: less tourists and a really charming town centre. A lot of the houses (and the old people) look like time stopped here in the middle of last century. You have to travel there now, I think most of that will be gone in 50 years. I found an abandoned house with an old Agfa sign. To shoot it with my D-SLR was like meeting past with modernity.

Old Agfa sign on a house in Monchique in Algarve Portugal.

Answer of yesterday’s question: Of course I quote the amazing band Portugal. the man for my Portugal series. Obvious, eh?

Photos© Colin. the happy robot


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