Colourful friends

8 Dec

It’s been very quite here. It’s winter outside and it’s winter inside (thanks to our not working heaters). So the interest in going round and taking photos is rather small in the moment. I hope this laziness is going to vanish soon.
But, how are they saying: Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend. Well, I’m not really into diamonds or expensive jewellery. But at least I have some nice earrings and necklaces on my wall who asked for pictures. 🙂

Here is my small collection of earrings in an old frame.

When I was in school I was almost addicted to big earrings. But (luckily) that was over some day. Today I’ve got a rather small collection, framed in an old picture frame I stole from my grandma’s. Most of those earrings are H&M, except from the green pearls on the left, they’ve been made by my friend early birdy, and the ones one the left bottom, I’ve bought those in a little shop in Amsterdam (oh, I love Amsterdam!)

I took a photo of my necklaces, most H&M and DaWandaIt took me a while to find a good place for my necklaces. How are you organizing them? I finally decided to hang them on a hook on the wall. It’s a nice decoration. As for my earrings, most of my necklaces are H&M again, like the golden apple. But my favourite is the funny flamingo, which is from the DaWanda shop MiMaMeise. And there’s the carving my mother’s cousin made. I don’t know who the woman is, but I love it.

Here you see some of my necklaces, old used ones from the fleamarketHere you see another “jewellery” from MiMaMeise: A little umbrella with a little raindrop stone. Love it! The turquoise “pearls” are from the flea market.

Photos: © Colin. the happy robot


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