Coming home

3 Jan

I used the Christmas holiday to visit my “parents-in-law”, my parents and some friends over New Year’s Eve. While I was staying at my parent’s, I took the chance to take a visit to the city where I was born and where I studied: Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia.
To be honest, Siegen is not quite a place to visit. There is not much going on around, the only buildings in the city centre which had a kind of charm we torn down in 2006 to build a shopping mall, the city is grey because the buildings are covered by shale and for the past 100 years, the river (Sieg) was covered by a concrete board to create more parking space. But last year, they finally tore down the “Siegplatte”. Yeah! Now you can see the river again:

Siegplatte, Siegen, NRW, photo, picture, Germany

I’m really curious what’s going on there in the next month. Maybe the city will finally look nice?

If you go up the hill (in Siegen you always go up the hill) you come to the remaining old town, which is only a couple of streets, because the Americans missed the hill where the casern was in World War II and bombed the old town instead. Anyway, what survived is quite nice. And while you walk up, you can admire the sun going down in German lebkuchen shop (during the winter)/ice cream parlor (during the summer).

Lebkuchen, Siegen, NRW, German lebkuchen, photo, sunset, picture

Or the streetlights:

Streetlights, Siegen, night, sunset, NRW, photo

Siegen’s emblem is a little golden crown which is ontop of the most important church (and Peter Paul Rubens who was born here while his father was in jail in Siegen). When you walk up the Löhrstraße and Marburgerstraße to the old city, you are welcomed by some lights and here again, you can find the crown. I always loved those lights when I was a  kid.

Crown, Siegen, streetlight, NRW, photo, picutre, Krönchen Siegen

Photos: © Colin. the happy robot


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