(Interlude) Soundtrack of my Life

12 Feb

You might have recognized that not much is going on here lately. That doesn’t mean that I forgot about blogging but just that I have not much to say in the moment. The weather is too bad to take photos (or at least I have no interest in shooting snow pictures) and I haven’t seen any movies I wanted to tell you about. So here’s a little interlude instead: The soundtrack of my life – just the naked truth. 😉

In fact, when I was a kid I told my parents that I will never listen to music. I hated kids music and I refused to sing in kindergarten. There were one or two songs that I liked, most of all Dire Straits or Pet Shop Boys or “Always look on the bright side of life”, but nothing really catched me as a child. Maybe even as a kid I recognized that the 80s were shit.
When we grew older, all girls were split in two groups: Boygroups or no boygroups. To go without saying I was never a boygroup girl. But in 1994/95 there was a big thing going on in Germany, well at least for pre-teen girls like me: Kelly Family – a long haired hippie family. Yes, I have to confess, I fell for them when I was 9 years old. But, at least still better than Backstreet Boys, hm?
Lean back and enjoy:

And, yes, it’s a guy. Was kind of the German Justin Bieber in the mid-90s.
But punk rock was waiting for me. When I was 10 I waited all day long to play this song on MTV:

I kept with punk rock. When I was 13 I went to my first real concert. Die Ärzte are kind of German comedy punk although it might not appear but it is:

I didn’t know about pogo until this day in October 1998. You can guess I was quite surprised when I found out. 😉
But this band was not the love of my teenage years. In fact it was their biggest rival the first boyfriend of my best friend in school introduced me to:

When I finished school at the age of 19 I finally met new people who introduced me to new (and finally international!) music. I discovered the world of indie rock. Around 2003/04 this guy was the crush of all little indie chicks:

But it was this band I fell for, most of all because of the singer’s blue eyes, haha:

The Hives awoke my interest in Scandinavia and were one reason why I decided to spent half a year in Sweden in 2006.
But around the same time, in 2005, I bought “Evig Pint”. And at the latest in October 2006 I was infected by the virus at my first Kaizers concert in Göteborg. Haven’t been cured yet.

But there was still another band I fell in love with. 2009 my boyfriend and me visited a big festival in Germany. I saw a band there I never heard of before but I was immediately into Russion punk rock. Yeah!

So that was the little interlude with the soundtrack of my life. I hope you enjoyed (at least the second half of songs ;)). I hope I will be out to shoot new pictures soon and I’m going to watch Warm Bodies when it’s in theatre in two weeks. Until then: What’s the soundtrack of your life?


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