Oh Kaizers, gi meg en ny vår!

6 Mar

Just came home from my 5th Kaizers Orchestra concert and … what can I say? I fucking LOVE this band! There are no words for it, but here is my small review (in videos):

  • Talked to Arne Bru Haug who’s the merch man in the moment and makes these fantastic photos!
  • Met other Kaizers fans: Susi who is doing a fantastic work on the Kaizers fanpage and the guy, who I worked together with when Susi was in holiday last fall and we replaced her for two weeks. It’s really great to meet some other Kaizer lovers after eight years of lonely fan being. 🙂
  • They forgot their support DJ?!?
  • Kaizers opened the show with “Aldri Vodka Violeta”. I prefer that song on record, but still… lovely!
  • Geir (remember: this record and this?) and played Dr. Mowinckel ❤ ❤ ❤

  • It’s been the first time ever I’ve heard “Min kvite russer” live. Sooo romantic ehhhh drinking song… It was my first favourite Kaizers song when I bought my first record in 2005.

  • I survived “Maestro” without being hid by a bottle and ending up in hospital! (In contrary to my last Kaizers concert…)
  • They played “Kontroll på kontinentet” but forgot the band instruction! (The others said they do it now with “Forloveren” but they forgot that too…)

  • They played “KGB”. ❤

  • Janove and Helge can dance so nicely in “Begravelsespolka”.
  • My first Kaizers concert without alltime classic and alltime favourite “Bøn fra helvete”.

  • They looked absolutely awesome as always.
  • [silly fan girl modus on] OMG!!! I shook Geirs hand and I said hi and I talked stupid nonsense with him!!! [silly fan girl modus off]
  • Really happy now, but probably going to cry as soon as the adrenalin is down again. I really hope that this big band break will not last ten years.

And now it’s midnight. I’m totally tired and need a rest. Ha en fin natt, everybody!


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