Just go with the flow

23 Jul

Heya, everybody! How is your summer so far? If you pay a visit to Munich, the place to be is Flaucher, a part of the Isar water meadow.

The best thing about Munich is that everybody is on the street as soon as there is a ray of light. Big parts of the inhabitants go to our river, Isar, unpack their barbecue, take a bath in the sun or just go with the flow.
At the beginning of July I went down with some photo people and took a tour downstream.

Do you see all these people? Some say Munich is a small town, but on days like that, you can imagine how big it really is.

A bridge over Flaucher in Munich/MünchenNot quite like the Elb beach in Hamburg, but still a place to spend summer.

Isar at Flaucher in Munich/München

Stuck on a boat in sea? Rather left stranded. But well, I can’t get Port O’Brien’s song out of my head when I see this.A toy boat at Flaucher in Munich/München

Who says garbage isn’t arty?A left fork at Flaucher in Munich/München

Larissa taking pictures of Christian, taking pictures of Christine taking pictures of the old hydro station. That’s what it is.Photo of the photographersAnd what else? Been in Hamburg the past weekend and took some more pictures. (Right now, I have more pictures on the line than I’m interested in editing.)
I also watched some movies (got 50 this year so far, do you think I will break the 100 in 2013?). Don’t miss This must be the place with Sean Penn. Not quite sure if it makes sense, but Penn is amazing. There also was The Fighter on TV on Sunday. Plot wasn’t that special if you’re not that interesting in boxing, but Christian Bale totally deserved his Oscar for that movie.
Alright, that’s it. Don’t miss my Hamburg things in some days!


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