I saw a sign

26 Jul

Last week I spent some days near Lüneburg, which is in northern Germany, a little south of Hamburg.

Lüneburg is a very cute small old city. I don’t know much about it, but it’s nice to stroll around. One thing I can tell you: They like old signs and they have a very talented graffiti artist.

This sign shows you the way to the “meat market” … well I’m a vegetarian, so I advice you not to follow …

Fleischmarkt sign in Lüneburg Deutschland Germany

Lüneburg’s nightclubs have internet, a café and a restaurant. They probably have billard, too.Photo of a nightclub sign in Lüneburg Germany

Isn’t she cute, this little shadow dancer? What she’ll find around the corner?Photo of a graffiti in Lüneburg Germany

Is he a monster? Is he a tree? What’s he fishing? I don’t know, but he’s adorable!A monster graffiti in Lüneburg Germany


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