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25 Apr

Hurra, ich lebe noch! Und wie ich neulich schon angekündigt habe, war ich vor einem Monat in Berlin …

Yeah! I’m still alive! And though it’s already a month ago, here is what I’ve seen in Berlin …

Ich war zwar schon seit 14 Jahre nicht mehr in der Stadt, aber grundsätzlich ist mir Berlin nicht fremd, da ich als Kind oft da war. Daher haben wir eher wenig Sightseeing gemacht, sondern sind lieber einfach durch die Straßen gezogen und haben alte Freunde getroffen.

I haven’t been in the city for 14 years but still Berlin isn’t unkown for me because I’ve been there a couple of times when I was a kid. So we did very little sightseeing but just took a stroll through the streets and met old friends.

Das Erste, was ich gelernt habe: Berlin (wie vermutlich jede Hauptstadt) ist ziemlich touristisch. Du kannst dich mit dem Bären fotografieren lassen und ähhh Yoda?

The first thing I’ve learned is that Berlin is (like probably every capital) pretty touristic. You can take a photo with the Berlin bear and ehhh Yoda?

Berlin, Berliner Bär, Yoda

Ja, ja, der Kapitalismus ist eben auch in Berlin einzogen.

Well, yes, kapitalism moved in, even in Berlin.

Berlin, Kapitalismus, Sign Berlin, Mode, Sign Berlin, Coca-Cola, Sign

Dafür kannst du einen Ruhesitz am Zoo bekommen. Nur … ob es da so ruhig ist?

But you can get a quiet domicile as a retiree at the zoo. I just doubt that it’s really so quiet there …

Berlin, Zoo, Sign

Wir haben uns das neue Mahnmal zum Holocaust angeguckt. Ich finde es wirklich gelungen. Und es macht ein gutes Fotomotiv her.

We’ve visited the new holocaust emorial. I think it’s really well done. And it’s a good photo.

Berlin, Holocaust-Denkmal, holocaust memorial

Und dann sind da natürlich noch die Sachen, die ich überall sehe. Und besonders in Berlin.

And then there are those things I always see. Especially in Berlin.

Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin

Right outside my door

4 Sep

Nachdem ich die letzten beiden Wochen zu faul und zu unkreativ war, um an Luzia Pimpinellas “Beauty Is Where You Find It” teilzunehmen, bin ich jetzt wieder dabei!

Thema dieser Woche ist “Lieblingsplätze”. Wie soll man sich da bloß entscheiden? Ich habe Millionen Lieblingsplätze. Norwegen! Schweden! Mein Lieblingskino! Mein Sofa! Gar nicht so einfach. Also einfach Kamera schnappen und um die Häuser ziehen. Dies sind nicht meine Lieblingsplätze auf der ganzen weiten Welt. Aber die vor der Haustür.

After I was too lazy and non-creative in the past two weeks to participate in Luzia Pimpinella’s “Beauty Is Where You Find It”, I’m back again today!

Project of the week is “favourite places”. How could I decide for one? I have millions of favourite places. Norway! Sweden! My favourite cinema! My couch! Not that easy. So I took my camera and took a walk around the block. These are not my favourite places in the whole wide world. But those right outside my door.

Cafe Marais in Munich.

1. Café Marais. Oftmals ein wenig zu sehr Schickeria, aber ich liebe den alten Krempel in den Fenstern.

1. Café Marais. Often a little too posh but I love the old tat in the windows.

Storchen-Lari auf dem Weg zum Park.

2. Storchen-Lari auf dem Weg in “ihren Garten”.

2. Stork Lari on her way to “her garden”.

Bavariapark in Munich

3. Mein Grün: Bavariapark.

3. My green: Bavariapark.

Sunset over Bavariapark Munich.

4. Fahrrad-Sonnenuntergang.

4. Bicycle sunset.

Graffitti of Mr Spock

5. Mr. Spock.

Fuck the Backmischung: Das neue Kubitschek.

6. Wenn Kuchen, dann Kubitscheck.

6. Cake: always Café Kubitscheck.

Und was sind eure Lieblingsplätze?

And which are your favourite places?

Love, Larissa

In the mountain in the cloud.

10 Aug

Ich liebe die Stadt. Ich liebe das Chaos, den Lärm und das Gewusel. Aber genauso sehr liebe es, raus in die Natur zu fahren.

Heute sind wir zum Wendelstein gefahren, ein Berg der Alpen, zu dem man entweder mit Seilbahn oder Zahnradbahn hochfahren kann … oder man läuft, so wie wir. Von unten sieht alles noch ganz easy und idyllisch aus …

I love the city. I love the chaos, the noise and the hecticness. But I also love to go out the countryside.

Today we’ve been at Wendelstein, a mountain of the Alpes, you can scale by cable car or cog railway … or you walk like we’ve done. From the valley everything looks easy and idyllic …

Der Wendelstein in Bayern von unten.

Nature on Wendelstein Bavaria, Bayern, Germany

Und natürlich, wie auf jedem ordentlichen bayerischen Berg, läuft man den Kühen durchs Wohnzimmer, die das mehr oder weniger begeistert aufnehmen. Diese Familie freute sich über uns und war soooo süß!

Just like on every good Bavarian mountain you cross all these cow’s living room. They take it more or less relaxed. This family was happy to see us and was soooo cute!

Kuh auf dem Wendelstein in Bayern Cattle cow am Wendelstein in Bayern

Cows in the sunrise on Wendelstein Bavaria Germany

Manche andere Kühe standen auch einfach auf dem Weg rum. Und wie bekommt man die dann dort wieder weg? Gute Frage. Lieber mal einen großen Bogen laufen …

Some cows just hang out on the path. And how to get them off there? Good question. Better to forgo them …

Kuh im Weg auf dem Wendelstein Alpenhütte auf dem Wendelstein

Kühe auf dem Wendelstein in Bayern

On top of Wendelstein in Bavaria GermanyKeuch. Keuch. Alles doch gar nicht so easy. Den Wendelstein geht’s steil bergauf. DA HOCH müssen wir noch. Und da sind wir schon gut zwei Stunden unterwegs. Sieht läppisch aus? Von wegen! Das schlimmste Stück kommt erst noch …

Gasp. Gasp. Not that easy, to be honest. The Wendelstein is pretty rampant. UP THERE do we need to go. And we’re already hiking for about two hours. Looks wishy-washy? As if! The worst part is still to come …

Endlich oben!! Und auf der Spitze ist man dann plötzlich gar nicht mehr so alleine. Die Seilbahn spuckt haufenweise Touristen aus, die keine Lust zu laufen hatten (und nicht alle waren alt!!). Aber wir sind aaaaaall das hoch gelaufen. Naja, zumindest fast. Aber gute drei bis vier Stunden sind wir stramm gelaufen.

Finally on top!! And now we’re suddenly not that alone anymore. The cog railway spits out heaps of tourists who had no interest in walking (and not all of them were alt!!). But we hiked aaaaaall that up. Well, at least almost. But we walked three till four hours.

Ausblick vom Wendelstein in Bayern

Oben gibt es dann noch mal richtig viel zu sehen. Freche Dohlen, eine Kirche (wer ist nur vor 150 Jahren auf die Idee gekommen, eine Kirche auf 1000 Höhenmeter zu bauen?) und natürlich Felsen in der Sonne, wenn die mal zu entdecken ist zwischen dunklen Wolken und Nebel.

On top there is a lot to see. Bold daws, a church (who had the idea to build up a church on 1000 meters alltitude difference 150 years ago?) and of course rocks in the sun, if you can discover it between dark clouds and fog.

Ein Felsen der Alpen in der Sonne.

Meine Beine schmerzen, die Lunge brennt und ich habe mir Blasen gelaufen. Noch mal drei Stunden runter? No way! Stattdessen gibt es ja die Seilbahn. Wenn ich bloß nicht solche Höhenangst hätte … Urgs!

My legs hurt, my lung burns and I got foot blisters. Hike down for three hours? No way! Instead we can take the cable car. If I hadn’t such a bad vertigo … Iiiik!

Eine Seilbahn am Wendelstein in Bayern

I survived! Woohoo!

(Den Post-Titel habe ich natürlich bei Portugal. the man geklaut. Mal wieder.)

(I stole the post title from Portugal. the man. Again.)

Love, Larissa

Freak show Hamburg

28 Jul

For us down in Munich, Hamburg is maybe kind of a wechselgänger. The other big city on the other side of Germany. Much more cool and more charming as our well-behaved Bavarian capital but also kind of freaky (if you come back from a wedding at 5 am and run into all those drunken party tourists on Reeperbahn).

After some days at my parents-in-law in Lüneburg (see the pictures here and here), we got to Hamburg for a wedding. I’ve done a lot of pictures of friends and their babies, I’d love to show you. But I don’t want to show people on the internet without their agreement, so no portraits here so far. Apart from celebrating all night, we still had a little time the next day to take a walk and see some things – Reeperbahn, DOM (a fair that reminds me pretty much of Oktoberfest, just without the beer) and the modern architecture (which I’m not that big fan of, I like it old-fashioned). Hamburg DOM in sunset Panoptikum in Hamburg Germany A skyline mirrored in Hamburg

And what else?

Watched two movies this week that I really liked. What Maisie Knew is a cute film about awful parents with adorable Alexander Skarsgård and pretty Joanna Vanderham. Coraline is a fantastic stop motion fairy tale in Tim Burton tradition. Don’t miss that if you like animation pictures like A Nightmare Before Christmas!

The lock of love

27 Jul

Be honest, people! Does anyone really like these love locks that appear on bridges everywhere?

I’m a totally unromantic girl. I really do not need to see my love eternalized somewhere (I’m not even interested in getting married). So I would never put down our names on a lock and hang it next to one million others on a bridge. Still, as a photographer I liked this bridge in Lüneburg that was laced with locks.
Heart locks on a bridge in Lüneburg Germany Locks on a bridge in Lüneburg GermanyRemember, I once told you that every good tourist has to make pictures of the birds. 😉 Since I kind of started to be an animal photographer, I couldn’t resist to take some pics of this duck. Actually I do like this one. What do you think?
Diving duck in Lüneburg Germany

I saw a sign

26 Jul

Last week I spent some days near Lüneburg, which is in northern Germany, a little south of Hamburg.

Lüneburg is a very cute small old city. I don’t know much about it, but it’s nice to stroll around. One thing I can tell you: They like old signs and they have a very talented graffiti artist.

This sign shows you the way to the “meat market” … well I’m a vegetarian, so I advice you not to follow …

Fleischmarkt sign in Lüneburg Deutschland Germany

Lüneburg’s nightclubs have internet, a café and a restaurant. They probably have billard, too.Photo of a nightclub sign in Lüneburg Germany

Isn’t she cute, this little shadow dancer? What she’ll find around the corner?Photo of a graffiti in Lüneburg Germany

Is he a monster? Is he a tree? What’s he fishing? I don’t know, but he’s adorable!A monster graffiti in Lüneburg Germany

Just go with the flow

23 Jul

Heya, everybody! How is your summer so far? If you pay a visit to Munich, the place to be is Flaucher, a part of the Isar water meadow.

The best thing about Munich is that everybody is on the street as soon as there is a ray of light. Big parts of the inhabitants go to our river, Isar, unpack their barbecue, take a bath in the sun or just go with the flow.
At the beginning of July I went down with some photo people and took a tour downstream.

Do you see all these people? Some say Munich is a small town, but on days like that, you can imagine how big it really is.

A bridge over Flaucher in Munich/MünchenNot quite like the Elb beach in Hamburg, but still a place to spend summer.

Isar at Flaucher in Munich/München

Stuck on a boat in sea? Rather left stranded. But well, I can’t get Port O’Brien’s song out of my head when I see this.A toy boat at Flaucher in Munich/München

Who says garbage isn’t arty?A left fork at Flaucher in Munich/München

Larissa taking pictures of Christian, taking pictures of Christine taking pictures of the old hydro station. That’s what it is.Photo of the photographersAnd what else? Been in Hamburg the past weekend and took some more pictures. (Right now, I have more pictures on the line than I’m interested in editing.)
I also watched some movies (got 50 this year so far, do you think I will break the 100 in 2013?). Don’t miss This must be the place with Sean Penn. Not quite sure if it makes sense, but Penn is amazing. There also was The Fighter on TV on Sunday. Plot wasn’t that special if you’re not that interesting in boxing, but Christian Bale totally deserved his Oscar for that movie.
Alright, that’s it. Don’t miss my Hamburg things in some days!

Where all the animals live

2 Jul

Still trying not to become a nature photographer but animals are sooo cute!

We were at  wildlife park Poing on Sunday. Took a lot of photos of deers and goats and bears and ducks and all these German animals. I did my best to reduce the edited pictures on some I really like and not everything something cute is on. 😉
Hopefully I will soon have more chances to shoot pictures I’m really interested in…

BTW, as you can see, my website has a new style. How do you like it?

Deer in Wildpark Poing Bayern

Free and imprisoned doves in Bavaria

Funny goat in Wildpark Poing

Cute deer in Wildpark Poing Bavaria Germany

Photo: © Colin. the happy robot