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colin and Lari are dancing to #25

14 Feb

Hurra! Es ist Valentinstag! Das ist mir eigentlich reichlich egal, weil ich mich für romantischen Firlefanz nicht interessiere … aber es passt gut zu unserem heutigen #caladt

Wenn drinnen und draußen irgendwie alles doof ist, dann will ich mich am liebsten unter einer schönen warmen Decke verstecken. Da das aber meistens nicht geht, muss eine musikalische “warme Decke” her. Dafür eignet sich am besten Frank Turner (und Geir Zahls Solo-Alben). Besonders gern habe ich diese Woche “A Love Worth Keeping” gehört. Also, Leute, kauft Frank Turners Alben!

Horray! It’s St. Valentine’s Day! I don’t really care about that because I’m not interested in romantic rubbish … but it fits to today’s #caladt
When everything in the inside and on the outside sucks, I want to hide under a cuddly warm blanket. Since that’s not possible most of the time, I need a musical “warm blanket”. Frank Turner (and Geir Zahl’s solo records) are best suited for these situations. This week I loved “A Love Worth Keeping”. So, folks, got and buy Frank Turner’s records!

colin and Lari are dancing to #24

8 Feb

Was soll man von singenden Schauspielern erwarten? Und dann noch von einem Schauspieler, der früher zusammen mit Britney Spears und co im Mickey Mouse Club war? Und zu allem Übel gibt es auch noch einen Kinderchor!

Man mag erwarten, was man will: Fakt ist, Ryan Goslings Band Dead Man’s Bones ist ganz fantastisch. Eine CD voller süßer leicht gruseliger kleiner Geisterlieder, mit einem Kinderchor als Protagonisten, der zum Glück so gar nicht nach Michael Jackson klingt. Hands down.

What to expect from a singing actor? Und most of all of an actor who was a part of Mickey Mouse Club next to Britney Spears and co? And the worst thing is: there is even a children’s choir!
You can expect whatever you want: in fact Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones is absolutely fantastic. A record full of cute and creepy little ghost songs with a children’s choir that doesn’t sound at all like Michael Jackson. Hands down.

Guess the song #2

19 Jan

Es ist Zeit für eine neue Runde “Rate das Lied”! Das letzte Mal war’s ja recht einfach, heute wird’s etwas schwerer.

Auf diesem Bild seht ihr einen Song von Geoff Berner (saucooler Klezmer-Punk-Akkordionspieler aus Kanada – unbedingt anhören!). Wer kann den Titel herausfinden?

It’s time for a new round of “Guess the song”! The last time it was quite easy, today it’s a little bit harder.
On this pictures you see a song by Geoff Berner (damn cool klezmer punk accordion player from Canada – you have to listen to him!). Who can find out the title?

Guess the song, Geoff Berner, music, Klezmer, Musik

Guess the song #1

6 Jan

Weil es mir so viel Spaß gemacht hat, ein Foto zu einem Lied aufzunehmen, geht’s damit jetzt weiter. Und zwar hoffentlich halbwegs regelmäßig!

Lied Nummer 1 ist von Portugal. the man und einfach. Die grauen Zellen müssen ja nach den Weihnachtsferien erstmal warm werden! Welches Lied ist das?

Because it was so much fun to shoot a picture about a song, I want to keep doing that. Hopefully quite regularly!
Song number 1 is by Portugal. the man and it’s an easy one. We all have to warm-up our brains after Christmas holiday! Which song is that?

Guess the song, Portugal the man

Stay tuned, demnächst geht es mit weiteren Lieden weiter! Models, die ihre Lieblingslieder darstellen wollen, können sich gerne bei mir melden! 😀

Stay tuned, soon more songs will follow! Models who want to represent their favourite songs can get in touch with me! 😀

#fffreitag and Kaizers Orchestra

25 Oct

Diese Woche macht Steffi einen “Fünf-Frage-Freitag” über Lieblingsmusik. Da ich ja im #caladt schon meine persönlichen Charts mache, möchte ich dem natürlich nicht entgegenwirken. Daher konzentriere ich mich hierbei auf eine Band: Kaizers Orchestra.

Sechs Norweger im Anzug, zwei Ölfässer und eine Pumporgel – die große Liebe zu dieser Band wuchs langsam, aber stetig. Zum ersten Mal habe ich 2004 von ihnen gehört, habe mir dann irgendwann die erste CD gekauft, 2006 dann das erste Konzert in Göteborg. Und damit kam die Sucht.

This week Steffi is doing her “Five Questions Friday” about musical favourites. Since I already have my personal charts in my #caladt, I don’t want to counteract. So I’ll concentrate on one band: Kaizers Orchestra.

Six Norwegians in suits, two oil barrels and a pump organ – the great love to this band grew slowely but constant. The first time I heard about them in 2004, sometime later I bought my first record, 2006 the first concert in Göteborg. And then I was addicted.

My Kaizers Orchestra record collection

My Kaizers Orchestra shirts A drawing of Omen Kaizer

Photography book Blitzregn by Kaizers OrchestraPaal Audesad's book BlitzregnA flyer for Kaizers OrchestraA flyer for Kaizers Orchestra

Und jetzt wollt ihr sicher auch etwas von ihnen hören. Dies ist nicht mein Lieblingssong (genau genommen sogar einer der wenigen, die ich nicht mag), aber er beschreibt die Band am besten, denn er enthält die Bandvorstellung.

And know you probably want to hear something. This is not my favourite song (in fact it’s one of the few I don’t like that much) but it describes the band best because it contains the band introduction.

Love, Larissa

(Interlude) Soundtrack of my Life

12 Feb

You might have recognized that not much is going on here lately. That doesn’t mean that I forgot about blogging but just that I have not much to say in the moment. The weather is too bad to take photos (or at least I have no interest in shooting snow pictures) and I haven’t seen any movies I wanted to tell you about. So here’s a little interlude instead: The soundtrack of my life – just the naked truth. 😉

In fact, when I was a kid I told my parents that I will never listen to music. I hated kids music and I refused to sing in kindergarten. There were one or two songs that I liked, most of all Dire Straits or Pet Shop Boys or “Always look on the bright side of life”, but nothing really catched me as a child. Maybe even as a kid I recognized that the 80s were shit.
When we grew older, all girls were split in two groups: Boygroups or no boygroups. To go without saying I was never a boygroup girl. But in 1994/95 there was a big thing going on in Germany, well at least for pre-teen girls like me: Kelly Family – a long haired hippie family. Yes, I have to confess, I fell for them when I was 9 years old. But, at least still better than Backstreet Boys, hm?
Lean back and enjoy:

And, yes, it’s a guy. Was kind of the German Justin Bieber in the mid-90s.
But punk rock was waiting for me. When I was 10 I waited all day long to play this song on MTV:

I kept with punk rock. When I was 13 I went to my first real concert. Die Ärzte are kind of German comedy punk although it might not appear but it is:

I didn’t know about pogo until this day in October 1998. You can guess I was quite surprised when I found out. 😉
But this band was not the love of my teenage years. In fact it was their biggest rival the first boyfriend of my best friend in school introduced me to:

When I finished school at the age of 19 I finally met new people who introduced me to new (and finally international!) music. I discovered the world of indie rock. Around 2003/04 this guy was the crush of all little indie chicks:

But it was this band I fell for, most of all because of the singer’s blue eyes, haha:

The Hives awoke my interest in Scandinavia and were one reason why I decided to spent half a year in Sweden in 2006.
But around the same time, in 2005, I bought “Evig Pint”. And at the latest in October 2006 I was infected by the virus at my first Kaizers concert in Göteborg. Haven’t been cured yet.

But there was still another band I fell in love with. 2009 my boyfriend and me visited a big festival in Germany. I saw a band there I never heard of before but I was immediately into Russion punk rock. Yeah!

So that was the little interlude with the soundtrack of my life. I hope you enjoyed (at least the second half of songs ;)). I hope I will be out to shoot new pictures soon and I’m going to watch Warm Bodies when it’s in theatre in two weeks. Until then: What’s the soundtrack of your life?