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25 Apr

Hurra, ich lebe noch! Und wie ich neulich schon angekündigt habe, war ich vor einem Monat in Berlin …

Yeah! I’m still alive! And though it’s already a month ago, here is what I’ve seen in Berlin …

Ich war zwar schon seit 14 Jahre nicht mehr in der Stadt, aber grundsätzlich ist mir Berlin nicht fremd, da ich als Kind oft da war. Daher haben wir eher wenig Sightseeing gemacht, sondern sind lieber einfach durch die Straßen gezogen und haben alte Freunde getroffen.

I haven’t been in the city for 14 years but still Berlin isn’t unkown for me because I’ve been there a couple of times when I was a kid. So we did very little sightseeing but just took a stroll through the streets and met old friends.

Das Erste, was ich gelernt habe: Berlin (wie vermutlich jede Hauptstadt) ist ziemlich touristisch. Du kannst dich mit dem Bären fotografieren lassen und ähhh Yoda?

The first thing I’ve learned is that Berlin is (like probably every capital) pretty touristic. You can take a photo with the Berlin bear and ehhh Yoda?

Berlin, Berliner Bär, Yoda

Ja, ja, der Kapitalismus ist eben auch in Berlin einzogen.

Well, yes, kapitalism moved in, even in Berlin.

Berlin, Kapitalismus, Sign Berlin, Mode, Sign Berlin, Coca-Cola, Sign

Dafür kannst du einen Ruhesitz am Zoo bekommen. Nur … ob es da so ruhig ist?

But you can get a quiet domicile as a retiree at the zoo. I just doubt that it’s really so quiet there …

Berlin, Zoo, Sign

Wir haben uns das neue Mahnmal zum Holocaust angeguckt. Ich finde es wirklich gelungen. Und es macht ein gutes Fotomotiv her.

We’ve visited the new holocaust emorial. I think it’s really well done. And it’s a good photo.

Berlin, Holocaust-Denkmal, holocaust memorial

Und dann sind da natürlich noch die Sachen, die ich überall sehe. Und besonders in Berlin.

And then there are those things I always see. Especially in Berlin.

Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin


Colours don’t need red, blue and yellow

15 Oct

Das letzte Wochenende hatte ich Besuch von meiner lieben Freundin Paula. Für sie war München natürlich interessanter als für mich, aber dennoch bin ich ganz zufrieden mit ein paar Aufnahmen, die ich eigentlich nur mal “ebenso” machen wollte.

The last weekend my dear friend Paula came to visit me. For her Munich was of course more interesting than for me but still I’m quite satisfied with some shots I did “on the way”.

Some street art in Munich Graffiti in a tunnel in Munich Photo of me in Munich

Übrigens, im Januar war ich bei Paula in Dresden. Mehr dazu hier.

By the way, in January I was at Paula’s in Dresden. More about it here.

Love, Larissa

Photos: © Colin. the happy robot

Winter winds in Dresden

26 Jan

Last weekend I’ve been visiting my friend Paula in Dresden. I’ve been living in this East-German city for some month in 2009/2010 and I think it’s the most beautiful city in Germany.

Over the weekend we did a lot of fun stuff. For example visiting some galeries with photos and bizarre pictures and all this art stuff. Even the food was arty:

Then there was this polar bear… fox… animal… I love it!


Hm… Garages. I liked the rust on the old doors and took a lot of pictures of them. This is what I liked  most in the end.


And sometimes just some weird people appeared. Like this waiter aka dark shadow who repairs a lamp, and Cookie Monster, whatever he’s doing here. 🙂


I’ve heard you have to take a pic of this couch when you visit Dresden-Neustadt. This quarter is a very cool, underground area, not as new as the name tells, but actually quite old. The students live there and… don’t know… it has everything Munich misses.


And… Dresden has… stairs. 🙂

Stairway in Dresden Centrum Galerie

In the evening we watched a lot of movies: Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy (fantastic!), Hesher (hilarious!), Frida (Salma Hayek shows boobs!) and Some like it hot (funny!). Watch them!

Photos: © Colin. the happy robot

Some call it love.

28 Sep A couple painted as street art in Stavanger Norway.

You, my dear reader, might think that Stavanger might be not that interesting. That it might have a beautiful landscape surrounding (true!) but might be a quite simple city. Not true! Indeed are there some pretty awsome street artists who decorate the city with their really nice ideas. I shot a lot of street art pictures, but here I have just a tiny collection for you.

Please enjoy the last part of my little Stavanger series.

A couple painted as street art in Stavanger Norway.

A woman made in street art in Stavanger Norway.

A plant in front of a street art picture in Stavanger Norway

A street art picture of a fantasy gnom in Stavanger Norway

Street Art over a forbidden sign in Stavanger NorwayAnd if you have little knowledge of Stavanger music scene, you might have recognized that all my Stavanger articles are titled with lines from Uncle Deadly. He’s gorgeous!


First steps in collage art

18 Jul Collage of some street art I found on the old hydro station in Munich. See my pictures on colin. the happy robot

It was a little quiet here in the last week but that doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy!

We had been visited by our old friend Eric who is a great photographer. Although the weather in Munich was a little moody in the past days, we had some time to make pictures yesterday.

Some background info why I did what I did: I followed the trend and started pinning lately. Luckily it really gave me some inspiration. I found the blog of The Red Balloon, who makes some really nice collages of her daughters. I’d like to do something with the colours like she does, but for the beginning I started with making some collages, too.

How do you like my first tries?

I did a collage of some graffiti you can found in an underground way in Munich. See it on colin. the happy robotCollage of some street art I found on the old hydro station in Munich. See my pictures on colin. the happy robot

If you want to see more, come and watch my collection on Flickr! (There is indeed some more, but I’ve some more ideas I want to share with you later on!)

Stop in the name of…!

5 Jun A stop streetlight in a street in Munich.

I just came down the street when I recognized this scene:

A stop streetlight lying in front of a door in a street in Munich.

A stop streetlight in a street in Munich.
I have absolutely no idea, what it’s doing there, but my friend Paula told me to make up a story if you have none. So I tell you, this is what might have happened:

Someone had a really great day yesterday because he is just done with all exams and was out to a party – no matter that it was a Monday. So he (okay, or she) drank and drank and drank all night till he got pretty high and wasted, but not too wasted to fall in love with this wonderful, red streetlight. So he just had to steal it. This afternoon he just woke up, wonderend what the hell this thing is doing in his bedroom and becoming slightly aware that it wasn’t quite legal… so he just got up, brought it as far as he could manage, which was to his front door… (Remember, he has a bad hangover!)


Once, a while ago, was a young couple really bad in love. They kissed for the first time on a shitty street side somewhere in Munich, which was absolutely no romantic place. But years later, when he proposed to her, he made a really romantic gift and stole the stop sign, they were kissing under in those days. But, alas, this love wasn’t meant to have a happy end. She got a pretty peculiar feeling with her husband-to-be stealing streetlights, so she broke up after some thinking time brings the sign back. He isn’t there (either in jail or on work, I guess), so she just leaves her message at the front door…

Or maybe it just fell down somewhere in the street and people just put it there to have it off the street.

So, what’s you story?