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25 Apr

Hurra, ich lebe noch! Und wie ich neulich schon angekündigt habe, war ich vor einem Monat in Berlin …

Yeah! I’m still alive! And though it’s already a month ago, here is what I’ve seen in Berlin …

Ich war zwar schon seit 14 Jahre nicht mehr in der Stadt, aber grundsätzlich ist mir Berlin nicht fremd, da ich als Kind oft da war. Daher haben wir eher wenig Sightseeing gemacht, sondern sind lieber einfach durch die Straßen gezogen und haben alte Freunde getroffen.

I haven’t been in the city for 14 years but still Berlin isn’t unkown for me because I’ve been there a couple of times when I was a kid. So we did very little sightseeing but just took a stroll through the streets and met old friends.

Das Erste, was ich gelernt habe: Berlin (wie vermutlich jede Hauptstadt) ist ziemlich touristisch. Du kannst dich mit dem Bären fotografieren lassen und ähhh Yoda?

The first thing I’ve learned is that Berlin is (like probably every capital) pretty touristic. You can take a photo with the Berlin bear and ehhh Yoda?

Berlin, Berliner Bär, Yoda

Ja, ja, der Kapitalismus ist eben auch in Berlin einzogen.

Well, yes, kapitalism moved in, even in Berlin.

Berlin, Kapitalismus, Sign Berlin, Mode, Sign Berlin, Coca-Cola, Sign

Dafür kannst du einen Ruhesitz am Zoo bekommen. Nur … ob es da so ruhig ist?

But you can get a quiet domicile as a retiree at the zoo. I just doubt that it’s really so quiet there …

Berlin, Zoo, Sign

Wir haben uns das neue Mahnmal zum Holocaust angeguckt. Ich finde es wirklich gelungen. Und es macht ein gutes Fotomotiv her.

We’ve visited the new holocaust emorial. I think it’s really well done. And it’s a good photo.

Berlin, Holocaust-Denkmal, holocaust memorial

Und dann sind da natürlich noch die Sachen, die ich überall sehe. Und besonders in Berlin.

And then there are those things I always see. Especially in Berlin.

Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin, Graffiti Berlin


Freak show Hamburg

28 Jul

For us down in Munich, Hamburg is maybe kind of a wechselgänger. The other big city on the other side of Germany. Much more cool and more charming as our well-behaved Bavarian capital but also kind of freaky (if you come back from a wedding at 5 am and run into all those drunken party tourists on Reeperbahn).

After some days at my parents-in-law in Lüneburg (see the pictures here and here), we got to Hamburg for a wedding. I’ve done a lot of pictures of friends and their babies, I’d love to show you. But I don’t want to show people on the internet without their agreement, so no portraits here so far. Apart from celebrating all night, we still had a little time the next day to take a walk and see some things – Reeperbahn, DOM (a fair that reminds me pretty much of Oktoberfest, just without the beer) and the modern architecture (which I’m not that big fan of, I like it old-fashioned). Hamburg DOM in sunset Panoptikum in Hamburg Germany A skyline mirrored in Hamburg

And what else?

Watched two movies this week that I really liked. What Maisie Knew is a cute film about awful parents with adorable Alexander Skarsgård and pretty Joanna Vanderham. Coraline is a fantastic stop motion fairy tale in Tim Burton tradition. Don’t miss that if you like animation pictures like A Nightmare Before Christmas!

The lock of love

27 Jul

Be honest, people! Does anyone really like these love locks that appear on bridges everywhere?

I’m a totally unromantic girl. I really do not need to see my love eternalized somewhere (I’m not even interested in getting married). So I would never put down our names on a lock and hang it next to one million others on a bridge. Still, as a photographer I liked this bridge in Lüneburg that was laced with locks.
Heart locks on a bridge in Lüneburg Germany Locks on a bridge in Lüneburg GermanyRemember, I once told you that every good tourist has to make pictures of the birds. 😉 Since I kind of started to be an animal photographer, I couldn’t resist to take some pics of this duck. Actually I do like this one. What do you think?
Diving duck in Lüneburg Germany

I saw a sign

26 Jul

Last week I spent some days near Lüneburg, which is in northern Germany, a little south of Hamburg.

Lüneburg is a very cute small old city. I don’t know much about it, but it’s nice to stroll around. One thing I can tell you: They like old signs and they have a very talented graffiti artist.

This sign shows you the way to the “meat market” … well I’m a vegetarian, so I advice you not to follow …

Fleischmarkt sign in Lüneburg Deutschland Germany

Lüneburg’s nightclubs have internet, a café and a restaurant. They probably have billard, too.Photo of a nightclub sign in Lüneburg Germany

Isn’t she cute, this little shadow dancer? What she’ll find around the corner?Photo of a graffiti in Lüneburg Germany

Is he a monster? Is he a tree? What’s he fishing? I don’t know, but he’s adorable!A monster graffiti in Lüneburg Germany